Activating your copy of Windows -

In this guide you will find instructions to help you activate Windows on your computer. This needs to be done only once unless you restore it to factory defaults.

Windows Activation

You will first need to locate the Windows 10 licence sticker on your device. On this sticker will be a 25 character product key which is used to activate Windows. See below where to locate this sticker:

PC: The licence sticker will be located on the top or one of the sides of the PC.

Laptop: The licence sticker will be located on the base of the laptop or inside the battery compartment.

PLEASE NOTE some laptops have their license keys UNDER the battery, please power down your laptop, remove the battery and make a note of the code.

PLEASE NOTE some of the license stickers have a 'scratch card' portion of the code which you may need to remove to reveal the full code (as shown below). Please carefully scratch this off.



Once you have located the licence sticker and made a note of the Product Key, you can now enter this on the Windows 10 set up when it asks you to do so. PLEASE NOTE, this does not always work on the initial set up as an internet connection is needed to activate. If the product key is not accepted, skip this step for now by selecting 'Do this later' and proceed to finish set up.


Once Windows set up has been completed, please navigate to the activation section of settings. Now select 'Change product key' and enter the 25 character product key from earlier.

Once you have entered the Product Key, please select Next. Windows should activate successfully as long as you have a stable internet connection.