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Searching for your next HP laptop? At Tier 1 we have an incredible range of refurbished HP laptops in a variety of models, with brilliant features to get you started. Whether you’re just browsing the web or using it for work, find your ideal second-hand HP laptop at Tier 1.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are HP Laptops Good?

There’s a reason that HP is one of the biggest laptop brands in the world. Over the years, HP has garnered a reputation for producing well-built, versatile and reliable laptops. Perfect for remote working, easily stored at home, lightweight enough to travel comfortably with, HP laptops are highly secure and include all the equipment you’ll need. 

Buying a refurbished HP laptop means you’ll enjoy all the benefits of buying a new HP laptop, at a more accessible price. Our HP laptops have been refurbished to full functionality so you’ll find they feel as good as new.


Which HP laptop is the best?

HP designs and manufactures an excellent range of laptops. Choosing the best option for you will depend on what you plan to use your laptop for, and your budget. For an everyday work laptop, you might choose the HP Elitebook, a great option for the office and a popular choice for many businesses. The HP ZBook is a popular choice amongst designers and engineers, offering the ability to run multiple apps with demanding graphics and memory needs. If portability is your priority, the sleek design of the HP Spectre combines premium computing power and the versatility to be configured as a laptop, tablet, or hybrid of the two.