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Our extensive range of refurbished core i3 laptops offers high quality at low prices. Whether it's an option for work or home, you’ll find the perfect brand, size and model in our range of reconditioned i3 laptops.

i3 Laptops

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Does i3 Mean on a Laptop?

Core i3 processors are dual core processors within the Intel core family of processor chips for laptops. As an alternative to i5, i7 and i9 processors, i3 processors offer less power than their successors, but they offer good performance for basic tasks. At a lower price point, they’re a solid option for people who do not require massive amounts of power. For instance, for basic computing tasks at work or school an i3 laptop should be ideal. If it’s gaming or power-intensive apps you're looking to use, you may want to look at an i7 laptop.

Are i3 Laptops Slow?

Laptops with i3 core processors will provide solid performance for everyday tasks such as searching in web browsers, working in Microsoft applications and even some less power-intensive games. However, if you’re running video- or photo-editing software, or high end games, you’ll find the i3 processor struggles to cope, resulting in a slower performance.