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Frequently Asked Questions


What Does i7 Mean in Laptops?

As far as consumer laptops go, the i7 processor is the fastest version Intel offers. For gaming, running more powerful apps, editing videos and photos, plus general multitasking, i7 laptops will perform excellently. Offering greater processing capacities than i5 or i3 laptops, the i7 processor will be more than powerful enough for the majority of users - making computing a breeze.

Is the i7 Better than the i5 Laptop?

In terms of dealing with more power demanding tasks, i7 laptops offer a better alternative to i5 laptops. However, if you’re looking for a laptop to just browse the web and work in less power-demanding apps, i5 processor laptops would be an ideal option that is likely to be cheaper. All of our refurbished i5 and i7 laptops at Tier 1 have been reconditioned to full functionality, come with a one year warranty, and offer much greater value for money than buying brand new.