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Browse our refurbished desktop computer range below to find reconditioned PCs, with great functionality, at affordable prices. We stock desktops from top brands including Dell, HP and Lenovo with a range of i3, i5 and i7 processors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Refurbished Desktop Computers Any Good?

Refurbished desktop computers from Tier 1 are reconditioned to a similarly high standard as brand new desktop computers. At Tier 1 we take pride in refurbishing each product to its highest ability, ensuring your reused desktop’s features are not affected in any way. You’re saving money, whilst enjoying the benefits of a fully functional desktop. 

Should I Buy A Refurbished Desktop?

Buying a new desktop can often feel overwhelming and can quickly become astronomically expensive. A refurbished desktop is the perfect way to save on industry-leading brand desktops, from the likes of HP and Dell, whilst still reaping the benefits of their incredible features. 

Purchasing a recycled desktop is not only cost-effective but it contributes to significantly reducing electrical landfill waste. Invest in the planet and take the strain off your bank account with Tier 1!

Is It Safe To Buy A Refurbished Desktop Computer?

Absolutely! All of our electrical appliances, including desktop computers, at Tier 1 are placed through vigorous testing and reconditioning to ensure they are safe after being discarded. Each desktop is also cleaned and reset by our experts, ensuring any previous issues are processed and dealt with accordingly.