At Tier 1, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We are a UK based re-commerce business, refurbishing, reusing and recycling IT equipment, such as laptops, desktops and monitors.


Our mission is to drive decarbonisation through our circular economy business, providing our customers with great quality refurbished tech, at a fraction of the new price. 

It's environmentally friendly to buy pre-loved items; extending the life cycle of all devices and creating less electronic waste. Buying refurbished also decreases the demand for new equipment, which helps to preserve the earth's resources.

Saving the planet, one laptop at a time...

When you compare a new with a refurbished device, carbon savings are 225 kgCO2e per device, which is a 75% reduction in carbon footprint per device.

All of our devices are fully tested, refurbished and quality checked in-house, to ensure each product matches our high standards. 


We also provide a FREE 12 Month Warranty, for added peace of mind. 


We help businesses deliver a sustainable IT programme. If your business wants to reduce it's carbon footprint, we can help you on your way to achieving your ESG goals. 

Buying new IT equipment has a big impact on your footprint, from the resources used to make the devices, to the CO2 produced as part of the manufacturing process. This has a huge impact on the planet, made worse if your business requires a large number of laptops for your employees. 


Refurbished IT equipment is the way forward. Not only can you lower your footprint, but you can save money on laptops, desktops and monitors versus the price you’d pay for a brand new device.