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When you first switch the computer on it will run a final check of the computer and may restart itself. This is a normal function of the computer setup process.

In this guide you will find instructions to help you customise and configure your computer for use .

You will also find instructions to help you activate Windows on your computer. This needs to be done only once unless you restore it to factory defaults.

PLEASE NOTE some laptops have their license keys UNDER the battery, please power down your laptop, remove the battery and make a note of the code.

PLEASE NOTE some of the licenses have a 'scratch card' portion of the code which you may need to remove to reveal the full code!


PLEASE NOTE when doing Windows Updates on a laptop you must power it via the charger as you will run out of battery!





Next you will see the Windows 7 or 10 setup screen which guides you through the basic settings.

You will see a 'Type a user name' box where you can enter a name for the user. Normally people use their own name but choose what you wish.

Below the box for a username is 'Type a Computer Name' which is made up of your chosen username with a '-PC' added to the end. If you want to change the computer name just delete the default name Windows gives in this box and type your own choice.

Click the next button to continue.


The next screen will prompt you to enter a password for the default username that you created in the previous screen. You don't need to enter a password here although it is probably a good idea.

You will need to type a password into the top box and re-type the password in the second box to ensure you entered the first one correctly!

The third box allows you to enter a password hint which is just that, a hint not the password itself.

Once you have finished click the next button to continue.



The next screen will prompt you for your Windows 7 or 10 product key. You will need to be connected to the internet to activate Windows now. You can skip this and activate Windows later if required. The key can be found on the brown Microsoft label attached to your computer, the product key is shown as XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. The product key is 25 characters long and is numbers and letters.

Type the key into the provided box without the hyphens and click the next button in the lower right of the screen. Check your key carefully as certain characters can be easily mistaken for other characters.

picture3.png picture4.png


The next screen asks how you want Windows 7 or 10 to protect your computer with updates. Normally you would choose the top option which is to 'Use Recommended Settings'.


Other screens will be displayed depending on whether your computer is connected to the internet  via a cable or via a wireless connection.

If you are using a computer with a wireless card installed then the setup will ask you if you want to connect to the wireless router now. Enter the required details and click next. Click skip if you want to do this later.

Once connected to a wireless router or if the computer is plugged into a router via a cable you can select the type of connection. Select the appropriate option.

The computer may restart at this point and your desktop will be displayed after completing these steps.


 picture7.png  picture8.png


PLEASE NOTE when doing Windows Updates on a laptop you must power it via the charger as you will run out of battery!


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